The otherworldly bluish glow of the Atmos LED Lampcomes from the water droplets condensing on its inner walls. French designer Arturo Erbsman wanted to create a light source which would use an abundant natural material to augment its function, and boy did he succeed.

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The lamp looks like a small aquarium — the hand blown glass bulb contains inexhaustible water reserves that evaporateonce the light is on. It starts condensing on the inner walls of the glass to form micro water droplets that refract the light and create a gorgeous diffused effect.

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When the droplets reach a certain size, they merge together and slide down the glass bulb and end up back in the water reserve. This condensation cycle creates a fully contained mechanism and reenacts the natural hydrological cycle. The design was presented at Salone Satellite during 2014 Milan design week, where it won the Salone Satellite Award Winner of Interieur Award.

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