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Campbell’s is renowned for its pledge to encourage innovation, progression and economic growth, and wanted to represent that in the design of their employee center. The bi-level complex houses welcome center staples – a cafeteria, a reception area, an employee store, as well as a kitchen and security. Health is also important to the Campbell’s Company, so they’ve installed a fitness center for employees on the lower level.

The entire face of the building is a glass curtain, installed to utilize natural light as much as possible, which filters and illuminates both levels. The glass curtain not only saves on energy costs, but allows for the giant logo and branding wall to be seen from the outside, saving on the need for exterior signage. The glass curtain is also remarkably kept at a consistent temperature to prevent condensation, which would deter the view of the branding wall.

Aside from the usage of daylight, the building has energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems throughout. Campbell’s also insisted on using recycled building materials, and installing a water conservation system.

The Campbell Employee Center is a fantastic representation of the company’s dedication to progressive practices as well as to sustainable efforts.

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