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Energy efficiency was key in the design of the Doll’s House. The architects wrapped the formerly drafty bungalow inside a highly insulated envelope with R7-insulated fabric. The well-sealed house was re-oriented towards the north to follow passive solar principles; copious amounts of natural light pour through the fully transparent rear facade, reducing the need for artificial light. Low VOC and VOC-free materials were used in construction and the house was optimized for natural cross ventilation.

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Custom-designed LEDs are fully integrated into the contemporary and cozy interior, which is laid out in open-plan with no doors or walls to separate the spaces. The living, dining, and kitchen areas are located on the first floor, while a gallery and bedroom are placed on the upper level. The landscaping features a drought-tolerant planting plan and edible garden that are irrigated with recycled gray water.

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Images via BKK Architects, © Shannon McGrath, Hillary Walker