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The Dune House is a contemporary reinterpretation of the local architectural typology that features wood cladding and pitched roofs. The wooden cross-laminated structure uses a unique timber roofing system to mimics the gabled silhouette when viewed from the east facade, but is asymmetric with dramatic angles when seen from all other sides. The contemporary form also evokes the dune topography and the home uses a central heating system based on bio-fuel to reduce its carbon footprint.

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The programmatic configuration of the home interior was inspired by the experience of walking through the dunes. The split-level rooms are arranged around a central column and are accessible by a spiraling staircase that leads from the underground private spaces up to the communal areas on the upper levels. The use of split-levels creates a loft-like interior that maximizes views of the dune landscape from various vantage points.

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