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The four-story town home achieved Passivehaus energy efficiency standards with an insulation value of rc=10, liquid tight joints, and HR-ventilation. Air is pre-heated or pre-cooled with a ground source heat exchanger installed two meters underground, and additional space heating and water heating is provided via solar hot water collectors that are installed in the cornices of the building on the roof. Rainwater is collected from the roof then stored in a cistern in the garden and used for toilets and laundry.

If more heat is needed inside the home a wood pellet stove with a heat pump supplies the extra warmth. Ventilation flaps on the roof can be opened during the summer to let heat escape, and windows are set back from the facade to prevent too much heat gain. Energy for the home is provided via a DonQi wind turbine and 6 sq meter of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Inside, the home makes beautiful use of simple wood paneling and large wooden beams and trees are used for both structure and decoration. The wooden facade was treated in an interesting way in order to eliminate the need for paint or other treatments. According to an old Japanese technique, thewood is charred so that the top layer is preserved and will never need to be treated.

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