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Dubbed Milly Film, the mixed-use building is designed to serve as a cinematographer’s residence, production studio, and workspace. The design began with the decision to maintain the existing structure of a small one story house on the ground level. The renovation provided structure for the entry, office and kitchen for the residence, and the living room and stairway extend to the rest of the building.

The production studios are housed mostly in the cellar also take up a small section on the second floor. With the addition of a mezzanine, the second floor also features a master suite and bedrooms and bathrooms for 5 children. The mezzanine is protected by a textile netting and offers an expansive view through the the building’s grand glass wall façade. The vegetated facades face north, east and south to enhance privacy. Since a west-facing window wall will receive an excessive amount of sunlight in the summer months, immense translucent white polyester curtains hang from the ceiling to the ground floor to ensure efficient shade for optimal heating and cooling control.

Samyn and Partners worked together with Patrick Blanc to finalize the Vertical Garden concept. Through careful planning the team determined the necessary support systems, insulation and water-tightness necessary for plant life. Felt stapled onto rigid PVC panels acts as a support system for irrigation and fertilization of the building’s beautiful green façade.

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