Jendretzki, Hightree House, Santa Monica, USA, Scandinavian design, minimalist design, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, daylighting, steel construction, Rustic Canyon

Steel framing drastically reduces the footprint of any home, particularly if it is coupled with a great deal of efficient insulation and other passive design techniques as it is with this design. A boxy open plan space with several floor to ceiling openings that break out into the verdant outdoors, the Hightree house enjoys plenty of daylighting while shades can be drawn to mitigate excess solar gain in summer.

The interior material choice is deliberately minimalist with long vertical slats of timber used for the cabinetry and floors, complimenting the outdoor wooden deck and industrial-chic frame. Used as both a home and work studio, this beautiful space is heated by a hanging stove. You wouldn’t have to ask us twice if we’d like to put our feet up in this home.

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Via Arch Daily

Photographs © Alejandro Wirth