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Like a hardened sand castle, the sand shades are smooth to the mould they were cast in. Meiri simply uses glue to to create the tactile shades, covering the mould with glue and then sand. After the glue sets, the lamps are as rigid and substantial as glass. Meiri then outfits each with an LED light for long lasting illumination and floor lamp or table top hardware.

When illuminated, the gritty pattern of the sand is shown, casting a warm glow with subtle texture and pattern. When unlit, the shades resemble pale tan clay pots, or dried plant pods or flowers when grouped together. Meiri was inspired by the shape of primitive desert dwellings, which are often dome-like in nature.

The usage of sand is also due to the designer’s interest in the interplay of the material. In nature, it can be seen as part of an oasis or relaxation of a beach. But nature can also be destructive, causing horrific sand storms, not to mention the intense drought of the world’s ever expanding desert wastelands.

Meiri’s “Desert Storm” lamps make a beautiful and functional object out of a natural substance that can be at once serene and destructive.

+ Nir Meiri

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