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Because the original notary building was built to specifically interact with the landscape in a certain way, Atelier Vens Vanbelle was put to the serious challenge of preserving this architectural affect, while also adding needed space to the notary. The team decided to complement the original structure, which is made from brick, with light Oregon Pine and reflective mirror.

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The new mirrored volume is the main allure of the addition, reflecting not only the greenery of the landscape, but also the textures of the original brickwork, as well as a new grey rock garden added around its perimeter. A wall of glass curtains cap the side that faces the original brick building, connecting old and new both visually and architecturally.

A glassy corridor connects the original and new structures, utilizing the original entrance to the street. The corridor overlooks the grass-covered sloping terrain, giving visitors a feeling that they are jaunting outside as they pass from one building to the next. The revamped notary is now a celebration of architectural textures, which is reflective onto itself and the lush landscape.

+Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Via Arch Daily