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As population density in Saint Petersburg has risen over the years, city’s roads and sidewalks have become increasingly crowded. The city decided one way to ease this congestion was to relocate the historic zoo, so they created an international competition to design the best zoo possible.

The architects’ proposal moves the zoo outside of the town, creating a sprawling escape that covers 300 hectares of land. Inspired by Pangea, the zoo was designed to represent a reunion of South East Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America and Eurasia. The area chosen has an ample water supply, so the team designed a lake-like zoo, with each “continent” represented by islands. Each island will contain ecological samples and animals indigenous to each continent. “North America” and “Eurasia” will be connected by a pack of ice from the Arctic Pole. Bubbled steel and glass domes cap the animal pavilions, and lush greenery and foliage surrounds the entire park.

The zoological park was also designed to be respectful of the environment and green consciousness. In the past, zoos have looked almost like prisons for animals. Tanat, Nani, Beckmann and N’Thépé eschew that stereotype, creating an oasis that offers a bit of respite from congested city life.

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