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Inspired by Ecopark’s forested and low-density urban landscape, the architects sought to emulate those landscape characteristics throughout the home and describe their ideas as “pure, simple, and a bit rustic with delicate details.” The biggest layout change took place on the ground floor, where walls were stripped away to create an open-plan floor layout. A slide-and-fold door system with floor-to-ceiling glass connects the side terrace with the living spaces and pours ample amounts of natural light indoors.

A large double-height space created at the middle of the building centers on the dining room table as the focal point of the home; this particular location receives the most natural light and ventilation in the entire home. In addition to a beautiful suspended light fixture that hangs overhead, two patchwork-like blocks made of wooden louvers flank the dining room area. The patchwork of wooden shutters covers the walls on the second floor as well as part of the ceiling on the ground floor, and helps conceal technical systems.

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Polished concrete and cement walls complement EPV’s mostly wood-and-bamboo-clad interior. The finishing materials create a rustic but delicate character throughout the home.

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