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The young family sought to build a summer house that opened up to the fields and low forest while respecting the local building traditions of the Swedish island. Enflo Arkitekter created a low structure with a tarred pine roof that harmonizes with the land and architecture of the region. Tarred pine is also featured in the bedrooms and bathroom, and locally sourced wood was used for the floors, ceilings and walls. Skylights in the bedrooms provide natural lighting while keeping the areas private.

The exterior sliding shades screens nearly span the length of the summer house, and they can be extended or retracted to open up the interior on sunny days. A glass-encased inner living room is exposed when the exterior shades slide open, flooding the guarded interior with daylight. If the weather becomes unpredictable, the slotted shades can slide closed to protect the interior furniture from rain, wind or the glaring sun.

The beautiful home reacts and adjusts with the weather, letting the resident family to enjoy the serene Swedish landscape.

+ Enflo Arkitekter

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