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Les Grandes Tables of Seguin Island is a large timber-framed structure wrapped in glass. The bare bones suspended scaffolding wraps around recycled shipping cargo containers, giving it an industrial yet minimalist look. Set in the middle of a seasonal garden, the 1,000 square foot restaurant also contains an agricultural greenhouse that produces a combination fresh vegetables and exotic plants unknown to the Ile-de-France region. The building’s transparent encasement allows sunlight to shine upon visitors and plants, while natural ventilation keeps them cool and comfortable. With weather permitting, the transparent roof opens to infuse fresh air into the space.

The building seats over 120 guests and will also serve as a venue for parties, weddings, meetings, and cultural get-togethers. This isn’t just any restaurant -guests at Les Grandes Tables will enjoy regional cuisine cooked by none other than famed French chef, Arnaud Daguin.

Abandoned by French carmaker Renault nearly 20 years ago, the Seguin Island has been a bit of an eyesore for Paris for many years. Under Jean Nouvel’s new plan, the island will become an incredible new attraction for tourists and Parisians alike. The restaurant was finished first, as it is designed to be a central meeting place for the much larger island project. Slated to be finished by 2013, Nouvel’s plan for Seguin Island is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated projects in Paris.

+ Jean Nouvel Architects

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