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Kimberly Tate of CDR Studios told Inhabitat that their project is a densely knit serpentine canopy of plastic cups held together by between 50,000 to 60,000. The entire project was laced together using cups and zip ties to create a crocheted fabric, which hangs between three trees. With the help of gravity, the Governor’s Cup dips organically like a canopy of real vines.

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Katya Zavyalova, another member of CDR studios explained that the idea first came together when the group originally visited Governors Island. “We saw there was not enough intimate spaces on the island and all the people were just clustered in the shade of trees,” Zavyalova said. “That inspired us to do something with the trees, to create something in between them as a shaded area where you can sit down.”

Tate said CDR Studios had over 120 helping hands that not only collaborated on the construction of the installation but also its shape. Many of the alcoves that people can step into only became a part of project in the last week according to Tate. “We were open to this dynamic design process,” she said. “[It] has transformed and enriched the interactivity of the project.”

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Overall the project has been in the works since its initial planning almost a year ago. Preplanning of the actual installation on Governors Island, meanwhile, took several months before CDR Studios began prefabricating parts of the Governor’s Cup in March.

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