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Also known as the Pub Tree, the unique bar is part of the Sunland Farm near Modjadjiskloof. The massive tree has a circumference of over 108 feet, and its tangle of branches soar to almost 75 feet. The baobab is naturally split into two connected trunk-like pieces, each with cavernous hollows inside that begin to form after a baobab tree reaches one thousand years of age. The two hollows are connected by a passage, which was transformed into the pub back in 1933.

A seemingly natural spot for acozy bar, the interior has 13-foot ceilings and is lined with wooden benches accommodating up to fifteen patrons. Shelves full of historical knickknacks give visitors a storied narrative of the history of the Pub Tree, which is part of a farm owned by the Van Heerden family—who also have a bed and breakfast on site. Visitors can expect all the regular accoutrements of a small pub, including a dart board which hangs on one of the tree’s interior walls.

The plentiful boughs outside of the little bar also provide ample shade for an outdoor restaurant area, where scores of tables are set for special events and meals. The beautiful tree is claimed to be one of the world’s oldest, and is one of the Limpopo Provinces’ biggest attractions.

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