Believe it or not, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working on making sex more pleasurable. The Gates have already given out $1 million in research grants to condom developers who are working to create a new, high-tech condom of the future. The next generation of condoms will be designed to be super-sensitive and super-durable, and they may even enhance pleasure. The front-runner so far? A graphene condom so thin that it would feel like wearing nothing at all.

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The HIV team at the Gates Foundation wants a super condom to dispel the idea that wearing a condom is a cumbersome and awkward act. The team is working together to create an easy to use, safer condom that is less likely to break but is still pleasurable. Moreover, the condom will not be just for the commercial market, but also for developing countries where condom use is less popular. Gates also hopes that this initiative will incite competitors.

Thus far, a research team from the University of Manchester has received $100,000 to develop a super thin condom using a graphene and latex combination, which would be so thin that it would be comparable to wearing nothing at all. Another team at the University of Oregon is working on a polyurethane polymer version that is self-heating and has shape memory, making a snug fit backed up with embedded anti-STD antimicrobial nanoparticles. A third contender is Apex Medical Technologies, who instead of turning to technology, is looking to cows for their collagen fibrils filled tendons.

If Bill Gates venture is successful, sex will be a much safer, much more pleasurable act the world over.

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Via The Guardian

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