We love the idea of this green lamp that blends natural textures with recycled materials to bring a bit of nature indoors. Conceived by three Venetian architects for a charity competition, the Grass-On Lamp by ITlab is made entirely of recycled materials, including the synthetic grass, and completely recyclable. The cube structure of the lamp gives it added versatility, letting it rest on the floor, on a table, or suspended from the air.

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Grass-on is an extension of ITLab’s mission to realize new concepts between architecture, design and interiors by using surprising materials and forms. Primarily an architecture firm, the creatives here refer to their collective as a design laboratory for project innovation, “a networked laboratory for making things, not only the things, but also the spaces between the things, the hidden connection.”

The Grass-on lamp is a prime example of their projects which push new ideas, aesthetics and functionality into design. We’re taken by the way Grass-on allows green to be within sight no matter where you are indoors, night or day, and with minimal care. We also like its interactive nature; if for any reason you prefer more light, you can trim back the green to let more shine through.

+ ITLab