Photo credit: Andre Forget
grass wheel, dalhousie school of architecture

If you’ve gotta run the wheel, you might as well do it in bare feet. Many of us are so busy being good little hamsters that we never have face time with green space. A group of students from Dalhousie School of Architecture — David Gallaugher, Kevin James, and Jacob Jebailey — decided to remedy this problem with a street-ready grass-lined wheel.

The wheel is of simple construction–just plywood, mesh, fishing line, and sod–but it’s loaded with meaning. On one hand, it’s a playful protest to the lack of public green space in Halifax. On the other hand, using sod for their material offers a deeper critique on urban greenery.

Sure, the grass feels good on the feet (you wouldn’t want to landscape this thing with cacti), but only in North America would a lawn with the personality of a military haircut be considered a traveling “garden.” Does rolling out a grass carpet really make a place more “natural?”

This project reminds us of Rebar’s PARK(ing), which turned metered parking spaces into temporary parks. Both concepts point out not only on our lack of interesting green space, but also our lack of time to enjoy them. We’re huge fans of urban intervention as a means of shaking up normalcy and calling for a change.

via: Good; and previously posted at Treehugger