It’s no secret that we love green roofs, green tables, green sinks – we even love green parking spaces! Of course, we know we’re not alone, but until now, we’d never found anyone who had grassified as many surfaces as Grassland. Using nothing but steel, water and air, Grassland’s interior objects grow grass from seed, which covers the frame it’s planted in, and forms an interlocking root structure. When the grass eventually browns and dies, you’re left with a tightly woven structure of naturally dried grass.

Grassland currently offers five different designs, including several vertical wall structures and a hanging grass orb. The Pitch and Field models both use varnish to add detailing that gives the otherwise natural surface a more artistically manipulated appearance.

While the idea of an extremely tactile and bright green wall of grass is extremely appealing, I’m not sure if I’m sold on the ultimate result: a crunchy wall of dried out brown grass. It would still be highly textured and unusual, but perhaps lack the living qualities that add beauty and health benefits to indoor space. Still, it’s a great improvement on plain old wallpaper.