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The vertical farm is made up of a continuous spiraling field of grass that spans from the ground floor up to the top. Surrounding this spiraling core are support functions for the farm, a ground floor market, a grouping of residences, a farm-to-table restaurant, as well as a sky lounge. The continuous pasture is terraced to take in more light and some levels are shaded to protect the animals from the heat.

Healthy and sustainable operation of the farm relies on the symbiotic relationship between the cows, the chickens and the pasture. First the cows graze on a section of pasture, where they do their thing and leave behind their cow patties before moving on to the next section. Next the chickens move in on their mobile hen house and are released onto the recently grazed patch. The chickens peck and scratch around digging for maggots that have grown in the cows’ dung, which improves the biodegration of the dung and invigorates the pasture, which will soon grown green again.

Both the cows and the chickens lead healthy, happy lives free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. And sure, eventually they end up getting slaughtered, but they weren’t raised in a CAFO, and the fresh meat is served up locally at the restaurant and sold in the ground floor market in an urban location.