Recently we introduced you to Seattle’s Graypants Inc. and their beautiful line of sustainable Scrap Chairs. In the process of fine-tuning their creations, Seth and Jonathan were captivated by the interplay of light and shadows across the corrugations of their cardboard chair and decided to recast its surplus material as a series of stunning Scrap Lights. We love the way these luminous lanterns cast rippling rivulets of light through their corrugated seams, and their twice-recycled construction strikes us as a shining example of sustainable design at its finest.

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Graypants‘ Scrap Lights take an innovative approach towards materials reuse, evolving out of a sustainable design process that maximizes material efficiency to make sure that nothing goes to waste.

Jonathan Junker says that “the inspiration for the Scrap Light was born while constructing the first cardboard chair . . . We had some leftover cardboard scraps after making our first chair, and thought ‘Why not have a light to complement the chair?'” The resulting pendant lamps are constructed entirely of up-cycled cardboard, epitomizing a cradle-to-cradle mentality by transforming mundane materials into beautiful examples of sustainable design.

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