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According to Lip Chiong and Studio Twist, there are nearly 200,000 independent hotel companies in China that operate out of outdated buildings in urgent need of renovation. Rather than tear those buildings down, the Green Air Hotel concept outlines an “inside-out process” that uses air purifying plants to upgrade the buildings into healthier environments. Not only would the plants improve air quality, but they would also provide an aesthetic benefit for both the hotel patrons and the public.

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In the proposal, the designers heavily layer plants overtop the hotel: a lush green wall creates the backdrop to the entranceway; green roofs line the top of the building; and hydroponically grown vegetation is located on the balcony of every hotel room. Many of the leafy green plants would be selected for shade tolerance. The design also suggests a large green air atrium positioned below a skylight to create an “indoor green lung.” The atrium would be incorporated with HVAC vents so that the fresh air filtered through the plants can circulate throughout the rest of the hotel.

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