Solidu tosses out everything we know about shampoo, including the 80% water that is in most bottles. The story starts and ends on a journey with nature, and the result is a product line aimed at clean ingredients and clean bodies. 

A man and a woman holding up a Solidu product to cover one of their eyes

Founder Vaiva Zvirblyte was born in Lithuania, but lived in Shanghai for many years. Ready for a change, she left with nothing besides a backpack. Along the way, she solidified her relationship with nature and embraced minimalism. The experience led her to start a beauty brand for the sustainably-minded community. 

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Two hands, on the left holding a green bar of beauty product, the other holding a black packaging

However, Solidu didn’t turn into a company overnight. It started with experimentation and gifts to family and friends. That led to more gifts and booths at local events and the line of “solid” shampoo (water-free) and other products has continued to grow from the home base back in Lithuania.

A green hexagon shaped bar that reads Solidu on it surrounded by herbs on either side

The women-owned business is dedicated to low-waste products. They add only essential ingredients to the shampoo, conditioner, body butter, lip balm, essential oils and other goods. 

Two hands cupping a Solidu black box

“When creating this brand we had a very clear vision – beautiful people on a clean Earth,” said the company. “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do: we start with the quality ingredients and take care of each step until the product reaches you. And then we make sure that the packaging is as sustainable as the product itself.”

A Solidu black soap packaging

The commitment to minimal, eco-friendly packaging is evident in the tiny boxes, which cost less to ship and require less transport space. Thereby, reducing transport emissions. 

Bar of soaps surrounded by mango, papaya and lemon

All of Solidu’s packaging is made from ultra-fast growing bamboo, starch and charcoal as a dying agent. To avoid unnecessarily sourcing virgin bamboo, Solidu uses waste cutoff bamboo from the chopsticks industry instead. The all-natural materials fully biodegrade in around 45 days with proper disposal. Additionally, they repurpose packaging received from suppliers in subsequent shipments. Even the tape and the labels are paper, so there is no plastic in the packaging of the product or the shipping materials. 

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