Designed to help tackle plastic waste in the hospitality industry, the Green Box is a circular hotel amenities kit full of bathroom items made from compostable plastic. Inside, the kit includes a comb, a toothbrush, a razor and two cotton swabs.

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green hotel toiletries on glass platter in a hotel bathroom

As a standard, a good hotel is expected to have disposable amenities available for short-stay guests who have forgotten their toothbrush or are in need of a comb or razor in a hurry. These products are designed to be used only a few times as a quick fix, yet are often made out of long-lasting, hard plastics that end up in landfills or oceans, where they don’t biodegrade.

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person putting toothbrush in waste box

But the Green Box kit goes further by offering compostable toiletries. Each kit includes a disposal box for every room, so that guests can separate waste from the green components to either be industrially composted in a controlled environment or organically recycled. Guests are educated about sustainable practices and the compostable material itself while familiarizing themselves with the circular economy and greener waste streams. Compostable materials are placed in the green part of the box while other non-compostable parts (such as the toothbrush head, which becomes contaminated with bacteria) will go in the white part of the box to be disposed of with general waste.

green toothbrush against clear cup and person putting green comb in compost bin

The compostable items from the green side of the box are mixed with the rest of the hotel’s organic waste and taken to an industrial facility, where it goes through a methanisation process. After 10 weeks, the material transforms into a combination of soil fertilizer and biogas, which qualifies as a renewable energy source. Each composted kit can create enough biogas to power a standard LED light bulb for over 27 hours.

compostable plastic toiletries on white background

Green Box comes from Sweden-based OnMateria Collective, the sustainability-focused company responsible for renewable DuoLin Flax Seed Fibre and the TRIPÔLE series of artistic pieces created from consumer waste streams.

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