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Green Cascade completely rehabilitated the polluted site of the Keller-Dorian factory, which made small metal parts for engraving and textile printing. Now the area features 100 apartments spread throughout five buildings, with four on the street and one smaller one located on the interior. Most urban blocks are designed like fortresses, with buildings facing the street all the way around and private courtyards inside. Atelier de la Passerelle’s plan provides more space for circulation and gardening, which provides residences with more access to views and daylight.

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All of the windows are shaded to keep the interiors cool, and increased insulation minimizes energy loss as well as noise between apartments. Rain screening with timber slats protect the upper penthouses and the interior building from the elements. All apartments have large outdoor balconies and flexible interior living spaces that can be customized. The garden and courtyards were designed by Atelier Anne Gardoni to reclaim rainwater while providing peaceful places to enjoy nature, and the roofs of all the buildings are planted with sedum.

Images ©Jerome Ricolleau