Ever wished you could do away with all those annoying cell phone chargers that are cluttering up your space? Have you ever taken to cursing cell phone manufacturers for their extremely wasteful and inconvenient policies to manufacturer different types of batteries and chargers for every make and model of phone known to man? (We certainly have). Well here’s a design that promises an eco-friendly end to the hassles of multiple batteries and chargers – by offering up a single standardized battery that can fit in every type of personal electronic device. The Green Cell battery is safe, environmentally friendly, made without toxic chemicals, and — here’s the best part — when it runs out of juice on the go, it can easily be exchanged for a freshly charged battery at a local vendor machine.

Green Cell, our third place winner of the Greener Gadgets Competition, is a standout for both its universal format appeal as well as its upping the ante on the usual vending machine offerings. Designed by Theo Richardson with Charles Brill & Alex Williams of RBW, this power-packed green design promises to eliminate the glut and landfill waste of proprietary batteries, plugs, adaptors, and rechargers that are currently required to power mobile electronic devices. The Green Cell cuts the clutter down to one universal battery and one universal home charging system. And the notion of users being able to charge and swap batteries in vending machines when one is on the go really does seem like an easy, eco-friendly way to offer an alternative at the pocket-change level. Like ZipCar for batteries, fully-charged and ready to go never sounded greener!

Green Cell Greener Gadgets winner Core 77 universal battery standardized rechargeable power supply design Theo Richardson RBW

Green Cell is designed to fit into every electronic device on the market allowing you to finally eliminate your random collection of archaic chargers and A-to-Z batteries. The idea of working within a standardized format is one giant step forward when it comes to reducing landfill waste and endless upgrades. Granted this would entail a whole new marketing strategy for some electronics companies, but we feel that the market is ready for a shift in how folks do business, i.e. with both their users and the environment in mind. If Green Cell can be as accessible and as energizing as a nice cold CoCa Cola or a packet of M&M’s, just think where we are headed in terms of universal happiness and the greening of our needs and desires?

+ Green Cell by Theo Richardson with Charles Brill & Alex Williams of RBW
+ Green Cell on Core 77
+ Greener Gadgets Conference