Located in Lamington National Park in Queensland, Australia, O’Reilly’s Campground is a community center and campsite that features what the designers call “architectural ecotourism.” Sustainable building practices include minimally invasive and lightweight construction, passive solar access, sustainably sourced materials and more.

aerial view of long one-story building surrounded by forest

The campground is designed to include visitors who want an authentic camping experience but don’t have the equipment. There are glamping safari tents available as well as powered RV campsites and unpowered, standard campsites for traditional camping. The guests who stay in safari-style tents can rent kits with bed linens and firewood and even have food delivered from the adjoining O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat. The campsite follows universal design principles for easy access to people who have disabilities.

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glass building with slanted roof
tables inside glass building

Designed by Aspect Architecture, a firm from Kingscliff in New South Wales, Australia, the project includes a camp kitchen, gathering spaces, a fire pit and amenities buildings. In order to protect the natural building site, the facilities were designed and constructed using sustainable practices. This included lightweight construction techniques to preserve the vegetation, sustainably sourced timber materials and onsite sewer treatment and rainwater collection systems. Passive solar design and cross ventilation help save natural resources.

long wood tables in room with glass walls
wood tables in room with glass walls and slanted ceiling

In order to stay connected to the environment, the skeletal structure of the campgrounds is reflective of a tree canopy, providing shelter while protecting views of the surrounding mountains. Situated inside of a forest clearing, the site is also designed so that guests can connect with each other and share stories around a communal campfire.

campfire on concrete patio near glass building at sunset
small gray building with slanted roof in a forest

O’Reilly’s Campground, previously known as the Green Mountain Campground, was historically a public campground operated by the Parks and Forests division of the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Now, the Queensland government has partnered with O’Reilly to help run the facility in a unique public-private partnership. The family has considerable experience in Australian eco tourism as they helped pioneer the industry by hosting visitors in Lamington National Park in 1915.

+ Aspect Architecture

Photography by Andy Macpherson via Aspect Architecture

aerial view of campsite amenity buildings in a forest