Susanna Hertrich, Chrono Shredder, Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, Calendar,

Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertich is intended not only to mark the passage of time, but also to encourage the viewer to break free from accustomed perspectives on everyday life.

wrap, Eastern Recline, Gunjan Gupta, Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week

Wrap is India’s first contemporary luxury and lifestyle brand established on socially and environmentally sustainable principles. Wrap, founded by Gunjan Gupta, aims to revive and invigorate India’s traditional crafts, positioning them at the heart of the contemporary home. Featured above is Wrap’s Eastern Recline chair.

Plastic Ceramics TableTop, Pili Wun, Tsun-jen Lee Han Gallery, Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week,

Plastic Ceramics, designed by Pili Wun and made by Tsun-jen Lee, use the ancient Chinese craft of eggshell porcelain combined with the ribbed aesthetic of disposable plastic wares used in Taiwanese roadside restaurants. This juxtaposition draws into sharp focus (and encourages us to reconsider) our addiction to disposable goods.

www, Viktor Matik, Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, Shelving

Viktor Matik‘s ‘www’ is made entirely of beech wood and natural rope. In reaction to the digital world we live in, it is a flexible, customizable shelving system.

Elsinga Design, Symour, Chair, Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Design Week,

Designer of the Symour chair, Roel-jan Elsinga, said in an interview with Hub Amsterdam: “I just do not want to design just another beautiful object of which there are already too many in our western world. I want to design graceful objects, that make your life more pleasant, but that are environmental friendly as well. And that for sure is difficult, because eco and design are not always natural allies.” We think he’s done a great job here.

Milan, Ventura Lambrate, Alice Teapot, Rachel Boxnbolm, Design, Salone, Textile

‘Alice’ by Rachel Boxnbolm is the polar opposite of mass production. Each teapot is first hand-sewn from fabric. This model is then used as a form for the ceramics, and it burns away during the firing process, leaving these completely one-off products.

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