If there’s one thing that environmentalists and developers agree on, it’s that greenery is a good thing. Foliage is an instant feng shui enhancer, not to mention its oxygen-boosting and mood-lifting effects. It can hide a hole in the wall, beautify a window box; the list is endless. For those that lack confidence in their ability to keep greenery going, hope is not lost. The Swedish company Green Fortune has created the Streamgarden as a fail-safe means of sustaining plants in your urban habitat.

The Stream garden utilizes hydroponics to cultivate a resilient and low-maintenance mini-garden. Hydroponic techniques are often utilized in extreme climates and non-conducive growing conditions (like NASA space stations). Taking them into your office or apartment, you no longer need to worry about having someone water when you are away. Instead of soil, the plants grow in tanks, where you only need to check the water level and refill approximately once a week. Every three months, all water needs to be changed out and nutrients added. More like a fish bowl than a flower pot.

View the website for info on Green Fortune’s Urban Cultivation efforts, environmental commitment and more images of Streamgardens.

Link: Green Fortune

via: Core77