Kids love the holidays- for the cheer, the joy, the abundance of cookies, but mostly, for the gifts. This year, why not give green gifts that are healthy, educational, and eco-friendly. The little ones will love them, and you’ll feel great about giving them. Warning: excessive cuteness ahead…

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The cuddly Socktopus is in many ways a more exotic interpretation of the famous Sock Monkey. Made from real recycled sweaters, every Socktopus is a one-of-a-kind creation. They are cuddly, collectible, and will surely remind you of those stray socks that were in much need of a home. Handmade in the USA and lovingly filled with hypoallergenic polyester. Recommended for ages three and up because of its button eyes.

$20 from Elsewares

Giggle Reindeer organic cotton onesie babies newborn clothing eco-friendly holiday gift-giving


Bring on the holiday cheer with this adorable little reindeer onesie made of 100% organic cotton. Rudolph and company never looked so hip and eco-savvy. Three snaps at the bottom make diaper changes a breeze, and it also comes with its own adorable, reusable gift bag.

$30 from Giggle

Eco-friendly kimono set for babies, Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Gift Set, Organic Cotton Baby clothes, eco baby clothes, green baby clothes, green baby gift giving, green gifts for baby, eco newborns, sustainable baby wear


Whether you are looking for an all-for-one ensemble for your own sweet newborn or are simply in need of an adorable gift set for a beloved peep that you know, Sckoon‘s Organic Cotton Kimono Baby Set with matching elf cap and soft doll just might be the thing. All is neatly tucked away in a natural gift box to make the ultimate baby gift. Available in light blue (shown here), rose color, and natural color. Organic mint leaves will be included upon request when in stock. How yummy is that?

$39.50 from Sckoon

Owl backpack

Handmade by artisans in rural Kenya, the perfectly-sized and super-fuzzy owl backpack will have your child toting in eco-friendly style. The pack is made from natural wool yarn, natural vegetable-based dyes, and is the perfect size for all your child’s sleepover goodies- toothbrush, books, and pajamas.

$54 from Branch Home

Branch baby blanket poncho holiday eco-friendly gift giving kids babies sustainable


We love this super-soft and dual-purpose blanket-poncho combo from our favorite sustainable design store, Branch. When the center opening is tied together, parents can use it as a blanket for baby. As the child grows, simply loosen the ties to transform the blanket into a warm and cozy poncho. Rolls up for convenient packing and carrying. 100% polyester fleece (made from recycled plastic bottles) with 100% cotton trim. Machine washable. Designed by Anna Rainer, Hajdeja Ehline, and Christie Rixford.

$56 from Branch
SIGG bottles


Get rid of those old-school nasty plastic “sippy” cups and upgrade to these colorful and durable SIGG bottles. Recommended for ages 2 and up, these reusable bottles are made from a solvent-free, eco-friendly powder base coating and a completely inert inner lining that will never leach harmful chemicals like phthalates (unlike suspect plastic cups). Plus, we love the colorful graphics and super-functional flip-top.

$17 from Reusable Bags


Giggle musical band kids toys sustainable non-toxic eco-friendly holiday gift-giving


This musical band set is a hit with kids of all ages. Percussion instruments are a great way to get your child making music. They’re easy to play and, besides, what kid doesn’t love banging on drums and cymbals? They’re also a good way to build eye-hand coordination. Made from replenishable wood, this sturdy, nontoxic set is both safe and environmentally friendly.

$55 from Giggle

Supermarket Count Winter Water Factory kids organic cotton tees counting numbers


Winter Water Factory has all the bases covered with this very groovy counting tee for kids and parents. 100% organic cotton with bright, bold graphic designs. Hand-printed on organic cotton using water-based inks for extra softness and wearability.

$29 from Supermarket/Winter Water Factory

Sparkability Space Frame gym kids toys playtime sustainable materials eco-friendly holiday gifts


The Spaceframe modular system is an inspiring and engaging way to get kids thinking about building and sustaining their own customized habitat. Your kids can build a fort, a playhouse, a zoo, or a grand sculptural monument in the safety of your own home. Designed by Scott Klinker, the Spaceframe modular system allows endless possibilities for expression. The 20 piece set is made of a unique material derived from recycled soda bottles.

$200 from Sparkability

Oeuf Hug Me Sweater

Oeuf is a line of sustainable products for babies and small children. The company tagline is “good design for all ages”, and some of their precious essential knits are designed around the concept of knitting people together through clothing. The ‘hug me’ sweater and ’squeeze me’ mittens, which feature child-size mitten pockets sewn into the garment, are the perfect designs for connecting parent and child. Oeuf’s knitwear is made from azo-free dyed alpaca wool, hand knit in a fair trade relationship between the NYC based company and a group of knitters in Bolivia.

$88 from Oeuf NYC

Dwelling Baby Elephant Toy, Handmade by rural artists in Kenya, Branch Home, cutey mccutes

Does it get any cuter than this? Handmade by artisans in rural Kenya, the adorable little elephant is is made from natural wool yarn, natural vegetable-based dyes, and is sure charm anyone; big or small.

$22 from Branch Home

Elephant Rocker, Ellie Mc Ellie, Plush Elephant Rocker, Plush Toy Rocker


How could your toddler not love this adorable rocking elephant who squeals when you pinch its ear? Inculcate a love of nature and animals early on in your child with these wildlife alternatives to the traditional rocking horse. Even those of us without children want to get our hands on one of these so we can figure out what “elephant sounds” are.

$124.95 from RockersNMore

Bambu Kids, Bambu Baby, bamboo utensils, bamboo kitchen, bamboo spatula, bamboo fork, bamboo knives, bamboo kids utensils, eco-friendly kitchen, kids kitchen, kids utensils

Sized perfectly for your little ones’ mitts, Bambu’s line of kid and baby-sized utensils are as cute as they are eco-friendly, durable, and functional. Check out the adult sized ones as well.

$7- $16 From Branch for kids and baby-sized sets