The concept of a seed bomb – a mobile medium for seeds – is not new. They were used in 1973 by the Green Guerillas in New York. Artist Kathryn Miller is famous for using them in a 1992 work. More recently, earthen seed bombs have shown up on the art scene in all sorts of forms, including handguns. The bombs themselves are usually little sculptures of clay, compost and seeds. But this work of the Dutch Studio TX takes the concept to a whole ‘nother level – with biodegradable seed balloons!

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They look like your average garden gnomes. But rather than stand on your front lawn year after year, collecting dust and ire from you neighbors, these fellas deflate after a day, landing on a piece of sod attached to the bottom of each balloon, and blossoming into flowers. The sod also has flax handles for carrying.

The piece originally appeared at Temporary Garden, a roving event that takes over a new abandoned space every year in the first weekend of July. Aachen, Germany hosted the premier of the balloon bombs this year. Each balloon is made of PLA plastic and painted with 100% water-based chalk. The balloons take 4-6 months to decompose and leave a burst of color in their wake. Finally, a lawn ornament suitable for all those barren, abandoned lots.

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Photos: Yann Monel