Green House Co. Ltd., a Japanese electronics firm, has developed a new “power-generation LED lamp” called GH-LED10WBW that runs on salty water. Requiring no batteries, the lantern runs for eight hours for each fill of saline solution. The amazing device doesn’t just light the way; it can also be used to power other USB-powered devices.

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The GH-LED10WBW kit includes a water bag for mixing up a solution of 350 ml of water with 16 grams of salt. According to Nikkei BP’s Asian tech-analysis publication Tech-On, “When the saline water is put in the lantern, it functions as an electrolyte with a magnesium (Mg) rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode) inside the lantern.” The magnesium rod has to be replaced after about 120 hours of power generation. According to Tech-On, the lantern is scheduled for a mid-September release.

+ Green House Co. Ltd.