Located near Greenville, South Carolina, Green Laundry Lounge (GLL) is a first-of-its-kind multi-use space. It integrates two main components, a laundromat and a café. Founder Jay Desai envisioned a space that reinvented the typical laundromat concept with an added twist of sustainability and community. The center serves as a space for people to do their laundry while spending quality time with family and friends.

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The laundry lounge’s spatial layout allows for flexibility and maximizes sustainable design. GLL’s spaces encourage various interactions and activities. These spaces range from the gathering areas such as the patio to the more introverted spaces like the iPad station. In line with GLL’s eco-friendly ethos, several building components feature repurposed materials. These include reclaimed wood walls and furniture made from recycled materials. Additionally, the space has tall ceilings to maximize natural light and limit the use of artificial lighting.

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Woman folding and sorting her laundry into piles

GLL’s selection of laundry equipment supports its goal to remain environmentally friendly. The laundromat utilizes ultra-high-efficiency Electrolux equipment with EcoPower technology. The machines have cascade-like water flows, maximizing washing while minimizing water usage and cycle time. They can also wash or dry up to nine loads of laundry at once. The machines’ incredible efficiency slashes the time, electricity, water, and carbon footprint involved in the laundry all at once.

Two men sitting on a corner table of the laundry lounge, working on their laptops and having coffee

Alongside the incredibly efficient machines, GLL also uses environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning processes. Its cleaning products contain no harsh chemicals and are locally sourced from Nood Clean. Additionally, GLL offers wet-cleaning services that recycle water as an alternative to dry cleaning. Wet cleaning uses eco-friendly, water-soluble products to gently launder clothing. Since the process lacks harsh cleansing solvents, wet-cleaning laundry products are better for the environment and help fabrics retain their vibrant colors. These intentional decisions balance cleaning solutions with preventing harm to the surrounding ecology.

Cafe counter with pastries in glass display case and two baristas preparing coffee

The café at GLL also features sustainably sourced food and beverages with an Indian twist. Desai partnered with the nearby Oak Hill Café and Farm to source ingredients and create the menu. This menu includes a range of pastries, salads, bowls and sandwiches, most of which incorporate flavorful Indian spices. Similarly, beverages are also locally-sourced and served in cups made of 100% recycled materials. The café offers various local beers, canned wines and coffee from Due South Coffee Roasters. Desai’s family’s masala chai is also a big hit.

People gathered in the patio space at the front of Green Laundry Lounge. Some are seated at the picnic tables and others are standing near the entrance

Green Laundry Lounge’s sustainable strategies all work to limit negative environmental impacts and support local community members. The space transcends the typical typology of a laundromat and transforms it into a flexible environment that allows for balance between mundane chores and community interactions.

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Photography by Jay Desai