Combining LED lighting with indoor air purification using living plants, the fabulously innovative Green Light by Natalie Jeremijenko, Amelia Amon, Will Kavesh of the Experimental Design Lab is a chandelier, terrarium, and air filter all in one. The system brings clean air, light, AND greenery to your home- three things no one should live without.

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The Green Light design kicks off first of our many sneak peaks from this year’s quickly-approaching HauteGreen 2007 exhibition. This smart carbon-neutral system improves the internal air quality of a given room using an integrated solar panel to power a super-efficient LED bulb to stimulate plants of high air filtrating varieties. The entire system is designed with products and parts that are both recycled AND recyclable. Plus, the bulb from the unit provides a lovely glow to any room, giving a new meaning to the words ‘Green Light.’

Natalie Jeremijenko has quickly become our newest design hero with her intelligent, playful and thought-provoking high-tech design responses to contemporary social and environmental issues. For more Jeremijenko awesomeness, be sure to check out our post on her Pollution Sniffing Robotic Eco Dogs >

The Green Light is just one of many of the green design products and projects that will be showcased at the HauteGREEN show coming up in less than two weeks in New York. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks, and start the countdown to the HauteGREEN exhibition and Inhabitat-produced “Reclaiming Design” panel!

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