A human-powered energy-generating gym like Hong Kong’s is now taking shape in Seattle, turning human sweat into usable electric energy. By connecting spinning bikes to wind-generator motors, clients at Adam Boesel’s green microgym can generate enough electricity to power the gym’s music system or run their own personal DVD player.

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“Clients pedal more than enough to keep the tunes playing and, in fact, would be able to run the lights as well, if we could figure out a way to transfer the energy from the bikes to the circuit box,” says Boesel. We love the grassroots nature of the project — Adam’s Green Microgym is his personal training studio, out of which he runs individual training programs.

By generating electricity and conserving space and energy, Total Body Turnaround is laying the groundwork to build a gym would use solar and pedal electricity exclusivity. Now that’s good health, for bodies and the environment. + Adam Boesel’s Green Microgym

Via SeattlePi