With climate change and environmental destruction threatening our planet, building green has never been more important. Many architects and builders are generally interested in sustainability and dabble in “green”, but it is rare and special to find an architect with comprehensive experience and specialty in green building. If you’re an eco architect looking to find clients who appreciate your special skills, or a client looking to connect with an eco-minded designer, you’ll want to check out Green Planet Architects—the world’s first and only comprehensive directory of international green architects. This brand new website brings together those in the field of sustainable development, offering up a network to share knowledge, collaborate, discuss new developments and products, find investors, and connect with clients. And if you’re looking to make your dream green project come true, this fantastic resource will help connect you with the world’s best eco-conscious architects. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic new site that is poised to make a world of difference in our built environment. And if you’re an architect, get your feature profile set up today for free!

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Green Planet Architects was developed by a team of international experts in the field of sustainable development that wanted to use the power of the internet to create a hub that could promote sustainable architecture and construction all over the world. What makes the site unique is that it’s designed to empower both architects and the clients, making it easier to build a project that is both green and within budget, regardless of the location. It’s simple to find the right architect to help consult on tricky issues such as local urbanization rules, building permission procedures, or site management. Architects can also use the site to search out new products, services, and materials. Though all eco manufacturers and individuals are invited to submit their products and services to be included in the directory, Green Planet Architects carefully curates these submissions to ensure that their quality and reputation are up to par.

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BIG‘s Green Planet Architects profile

So, how do you get started using Green Planet Architects? If you’re an architect who would like to join their network, simply click onto their site and start building your profile. Each page gives you the opportunity to showcase your best projects, describe your company/studio, and most importantly, gives potential clients a way to contact you directly. On the flip side, anyone interested in building a project can find detailed information on the scope of an architect’s experience through existing and pipeline projects. Lots of big and beautiful images and detailed specs make the site a true delight to navigate. You know how we love our architectural photography here at Inhabitat!

If you’re an architect who’s got a great design still in concept-phase, Green Planet Architects also features an investments section to help you realize projects that may have fallen by the wayside—maybe because of limited funding, issues with building permissions, or even flaky clients. The investments section lets you showcase these dream designs, giving them a second chance at life in the built environment.

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