Every year the Consumer Electronic’s Show (CES) raises the bar for must-have gadgets and appliances of the coming year. Whether or not 2008’s CES will be greener than ever won’t be evident until all of the latest, greatest new technologies are reviewed. A key component in greening the electronics industry, though, is improved efficiency between the myriad devices in our home or office and their conventional power adapters and energy sources. Green Plug, a realtime power adapter and green front runner at CES, aims to eliminate this waste and inefficiency by streamlining how multiple devices ‘talk’ to their power sources via a ‘one plug’ set up and Green Talk technology.

Green Plug is a highly efficient power adapter hub that is able to simultaneously power multiple devices, each with its own energy demand. Billions of devices including laptops, printers, speakers, routers, modems, cell phones, entertainment devices, power tools, cameras and many other portable electronic devices require a power source that converts between 90V and 254V wall power to device-specific DC power. This translates to the fact that most devices require unique power converters – a very costly, extremely inconvenient, and principal contributor to wasted resources not to mention electronics landfill pile-up. Green Plug technology maximizes resources, minimizes solid waste from obsolete chargers, and eliminates wasted energy. When devices collaborate with power supplies, an unprecedented amount of monitoring, control, and optimization becomes possible.

We sure like the idea of ‘one plug for one planet’, the Green Plug tag line. Whether consumers will see the benefits beyond the razzle dazzle of new gadgets and appliance upgrades and come to view environmental impact as being a key component in the assessment of their future purchases, will surely be interesting to follow.

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