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The Diamond Lotus’ use of plants isn’t just for looks. The roof garden and bamboo-planted balconies will help shield the buildings from the harsh tropical sun, create cooling microclimates, and improve air quality. The trio of 22-story-tall towers will house 720 apartments on an 8,400-square-meter site. Every resident will have access to a planted balcony and the long green roof. The planters and the undulating shape of the white balconies, which evoke images of waves, soften the look of the large-scale development.

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The rooftop garden doubles as a long linear park with full-sized trees, landscaping, pathways, pavilions, and other amenities. The two horseshoe-shaped load-bearing structures on the bridge light up at night. “The three volumes are appropriate for large-scale housing and the roof of each is connected to resonate with Vietnamese Feng Shui,” said the architects. “The connected roof provides the residents with a large green space, which rarely occurs in the city.”

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