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The Ark was commissioned by the Exploring Landscapes program, and it is currently traveling along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. The long and lean manmade waterway first opened in 1816, when it was widely used for as an industrial channel. It eventually fell into disuse, but it was rediscovered for recreational use in the 1970s. Beth Derbyshire‘s tiny green-roofed house reflects the luscious Lancashire countryside, while the old boat references the region’s industrial past.

The timber house is delicately engraved with motifs based on traditional Islamic patterns that create playful displays of light inside. The floating structure will host tiny art exhibitions throughout the course of its journey, and it will engage with locals through a program of activities. Its overall goal is to inspire onlookers to rediscover their origins, environment and shared culture, which remain connected through the water.

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Photos by Beth Derbyshire