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Looptecture F was built to monitor and aid in the event of a tsunami as well as to educate visitors about the dangers of tsunamis. Inside the two-story building is space for the control room, an exhibition room, and a disaster learning room. Resembling a ribbon coiling in on itself, the building is a cluster of intersecting circular volumes. The tsunami center references the nearby port using a palette of rusty steel with a series of porthole windows around the exterior to provide views out onto the bay.

The aim of the circular volumes is to disperse the stress from the incoming water and by not having any planar surfaces, the water will hopefully slide around the building, rather than pushing on any one surface. The main floor is elevated off the ground level to protect the inhabitants and let water pass through underneath. A green roofand outdoor terrace can be accessed via a spiral staircase in the center and affords visitors views and a safe place to be outside.

Via Designboom