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The theater, which is situated between the Seu Vella Mountain and the Segre River, resembles a flat plateau that seems to have sprouted from beneath the ground. Clad in slightly varied colors of stone like a tortoise shell, the building has an organic look that is betrayed only by the bursts of color emanating from within its large glass windows. Inside, the theater boasts 37,500 m2 of space with two main congress halls (the larger one doubles as a theater), a smaller congress hall with 200 seats, a multifunctional space, 9,500 m2 of parking, a public square of 15,325 m2, office space and retail.

La Llotja boasts several sustainable features like a cantilevered shape to provide shade and shelter, PVs, and thermal storage. But its most noticeable green design element is also the most enjoyable – the roof garden. Laced with pergolas supporting a range of roses, jasmine and ivy, the spacious deck and lounge has a view of the old city and the Segre River. In addition to providing a place for Lleida’s citizens to hang out, the green roofalso keeps the building cool in the summer.


Green roofs like the one on La Llotja reduce the urban heat island effect, insulate interior spaces, and help minimize stormwater runoff.

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