In the city of Belfort, France a new green-roofed stadium has arisen on top of the centuries-old fortification of a defensive wall. The glass-shrouded green-roofed sports complex stands in smart contrast with the neighboring 17th century stone walls, and at night it gives off a gentle glow signaling “game on”. Archi5 Architecture is getting quite the reputation for developing undulating green-roofed buildings, and their Lighthouse Stadium cements the viability of green roofs in public architecture.

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The stadium’s ample indoor light is a result of the subtle curved glass façade, which floods the interior with light throughout the day. As fans pack into the stadium the building’s green roof provides a temperate interior environment by cooling things off via evapotranspiration. The neighboring green belt is extended by the roof, which provides habitat and rainwater mitigation.

The 5,163 square-meter multi-use interior is surprisingly intimate, providing a fluid and close relationship between participants and spectators. That intimacy is translated outside as the façade reflects sky and grounds during the day and beckons from the top of the hill with a gentle glow in the evening. The facility holds 1,500 spectators for sports games and 2,800 people for custom events.

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