The bitterly cold Atlantic winds have met their match with in this well-insulated green roofed home in Nova Scotia. The project’s southern orientation give the house a big bump up in efficiency, and the wonderful roof system and unique skin provide it with a rich personality. Richard Kroeker Design hit all the right notes with this unique home — its green profile, good looks and low stance serve to enhance the neighborhood surrounding it.

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The home is an extraordinary example of eco-friendly architecture. Take the roof for example — the custom trusses are made from 1x dimensional lengths of wood that have been stacked and bent to form a lens shape. They carry the weight of a green roof that acts as a buffer to the strong coastal winds and make a great insulating barrier. As Mr. Kroeker points out, even the uphill neighbors get a great view.

The high-set rows of windows bathe the interior with warmth and light even in the dead of winter. Outside, a basket weave façade made of weather-resistant white cedar strips adds to home’s organic character.

+ Richard Kroeker Design