This rebuilt summer lodge in Skåtøy, Norway by Filter Arkitekter blends into its beautiful surroundings while keeping a small environmental footprint.  The owners wanted a cottage that opened up to the stunning views of the Kragerø Archipelago but also had privacy indoors and out. The 1,075 square foot home gives them just that as well as a sedum-covered living roof and a natural interior made from stone and untreated wood.

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Completed in 2009 by contractor Johan Brekka, the cottage sits atop the old footprint of its 1940s predecessor and gives its owners their desired ‘maitenance-free’ house.  The interior spaces have a natural, healthy feel thanks to their clean, modern design with lots of wood finishes and ample daylighting. Outdoor patios on both floors help to blend the floor plan into the surrounding topography and give users ample connection to the amazing lands around them.

+ Filter Arkitekter

+ Johan Brekka

Photos by Elizabeth Hudson