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The Bathing Beach Seeburg resort’s translucent skin stretches around the entire building, and it is transparent on the south side to provide heat, light, and fresh air. The lake side of the building is more opaque and features vertical wood stacked along much of the façade. The restaurant is tucked under an awning lifted by a fan of columns. The building’s program is delineated by subtle changes in finishes and materials, which providing visual interest to the long plan.

A boat storage house with tall ceilings for storage racks is located on one side of the project. Adjacent to the boat house is a room finished in oriented strand board that looks out to the lake. Two wings of the building create a protected courtyard, and a restaurant, a locker room, a dressing room, and storage make up the rest of the building. The wooden structure is carefully designed and crafted, giving the building an almost furniture-like quality.

Openings between sections allow access directly to the lake. The entire building is capped with a generous vegetated roof that maintains habitat and helps keep the building cool in the summer.

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