Architects Filipe Brandao and Nuno Sanches recently saw the completion of their collaborative design work that seamlessly integrates a fantastic sports pavilion with an existing primary school in Braga, Portugal. Their smart design boasts a green roof that recedes into the natural slope of the surrounding streetscape, ensuring that one more green space is kept intact within the city.

This stunningly simple pavilion maintains a low volumetric impact on the urban landscape, despite the large gymnasium it encases inside. The exterior and interior of the pavilion has been constructed primarily from wood and concrete, and the wood in the design pays tribute to the lands past. As Kelly Minner from ArchDaily explains, “The wood on the outside was meant to act as a visual reminder of the lands previous use, as a farm.”

+ Filipe Brandao and Nuno Sanches

Via ArchDaily

Gallery Photos © Filipe Brandão, Nuno Sanches, Nuno Morão, Guilherme Sanches and Frederico Sá