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The building’s soft form appears to float over the river and contrasts with the rigid struc­ture of the surrounding truck park­ing and. Organization and design of the building largely hinged on traffic and pedestrian circulation. Both ends of the building are lifted to greet passengers and a departure hall is located on both sides. Passengers descend a ramp over the bridge to the arrival hall on the other end. Offices and ser­vice spaces are located on the sides of both arrival and depar­ture halls, as well as on two floors above. The floors above are orga­nized around the cen­tral atri­ums, which illu­mi­nate the inside of the build­ing and allow a visual con­tact between the dif­fer­ent lev­els.

A green roofspans the entire roof of the passenger terminal building and is terraced to create an impres­sion of a typ­i­cal South China land­scape. The roof also provides thermal and acoustic insulation and reduces energy consumption and temperature fluctuations inside. The exterior of the building is clad in multi-colored trapezoidal windows to let in diffused daylight. Computer controlled windows are designed to open so as to encourage natural ventilation based on the air temperature, wind flow and direction.

As lovely as Edit! Architecture’s proposal is, unfortunately it doesn’t have a chance of winning. Due to a mixup at the post office, the project was never submitted on time, but we like it anyway!

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