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West 21st House, Frits de Vries, Natural Balance Home Builders, LEED platinum, eco home, vancouver, green roof

West 21st is a 3,070 sq ft singly family home with a detached garage built on a 42 ft wide lot surrounded by traditional craftsman style homes. This addition to the neighborhood features clean, modern lines but has a scale and proportion that fit in with the other homes. The owners have a strong love of nature and views so gardens and patios are incorporated into the home to provide an immediate connection with the outdoors. Natural daylight also plays a strong role and is used to define scale and intimacy within the home.

As this was the first LEED Platinum singly family home in Western Canada, a number of sustainable strategies were included. The roofs are covered in plants to reduce heat reflectance and rainwater runoff, while the landscape design makes use of native, drought tolerant plant species and reclaimed stone. Passive solar design, daylighting, high efficiency windows, a high performance heating / cooling system, including heat recovery, energy efficient appliances and daylighting all work in conjunction to reduce energy use. Additionally a solar hot water heating system on the roof provides virtually free domestic hot water. After the home was completed it was selected as a finalist for the 2010 Georgie Awards.

Images ©Lucas Finlay