Landscape Architects have always used trees and plants as a natural way to block sound, and impede the sun and the wind. The Green Shutter designed by Yvew Fidalgo, takes the same concept out of the ground and affixes it to the building. A hanging garden of sorts, the Green Shutter takes on full function as a shutter when the vines from the planter box at the base wind up and around the horizontal trellis. When the greenery covers the entire area, it acts as a lush privacy screen, insulator and heat barrier.

The Green Shutter comes from a Swiss design collective called INOUT, currently comprised of twelve young designers whose mission it is to innovate the urban experience and grow the emerging design scene in their homebase of Lausanne. “Experiencing the city through the eyes of these designers is equivalent to sitting down in company with a tree, setting up one’s work space in a public park, opening one’s shutters onto a fruit and vegetable market, washing in a fountain…”

The name INOUT was chosen to signify the fluidity and openness of the group, which welcomes young designers to join and move on as their creativity moves them. The current members are working on a project through the local design museum to recreate the urban landscape. A bunch of other fantastic and innovate projects can be seen at their website, exhibited in perfectly seductive photographs taken at night in Lausanne.

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