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The boathouse sits on a grassy knoll that overlooks the lake, giving visitors an option to enjoy outdoor activities as well as water sports. Guinée*Potin Architectes designed the facility to integrate within the wooded landscape, using an unassuming design and timber in order to harmonize with the area. The linear building spans just two storeys, as to not interrupt natural views.

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The lower level is made of concrete, which naturally insulates the interior, and is painted with an irregular pattern that pays tribute to the stonework houses in the region. Here, water sports equipment is stored at water level, in addition to cozy changing rooms. The upper level is clad with timber, and lined with a wrap around patio to allow visitors to sit in the sun and take in views. Classrooms and meeting areas are located on the upper floors, each with sliding glass walls in order to take advantage of natural light. A funnel- like skylight also helps to direct sunlight inside to save on energy.

The green roof is accompanied by solar panels, which help to offset the structure’s energy use.

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